Chef Specials

Chefs Specials
Chicken Tikka 7.95 Lamb Tikka 8.95
King Prawn 10.95 Vegetables 7.25
Item Description
NORTH INDIAN GARLIC CHILLI Cooked with fresh garlic sauce, coriander & crisp fresh chilles
JAIPURI Mushroom sauce of a complex nature, an explosion of flavours, releasing of first a mellow sweetness promptly followed by a subdued kick of spice finished off by a pleasurable tang
CHASNI DHARG A combination of cream, lime & honey, resulting in an inclusive but sweet cream sauce
MASALA Marinated chicken tikka, lamb tikka or king prawns immersed in an opulent creamy almond sauce
MOZZARELLA Strip of spring chicken bhunafied in a slightly spicy reduced sauce then topped off with Mozzarella cheese
REDFORD DELICACY Diced pieces of spring chicken cooked in mild nutty almond sauces with a subtle taste of vanilla cardamons
JALFREZI Mixed peppers & onions in a slightly hot sauce finished off with crunchy green chill’s. A firm favorite for one prefers a more challenging dish!
PALAK CHANA WITH TANDOORI CHICKEN Fused with sautéed spinach & chickpeas tempered with fresh coriander. A great dish for a special occasion!
TANDOORI MURGHI MASALA Tender strips of chicken in a rich tomato & mince lamb ragout
GOAN STYLE FRUITY CHICKEN Prepared in a fruity almond sauce

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This retaurant is wow. Service food all 5 star. Thank you the staff. – Suraj

Exceptional service and so much room in the lounge and in the dining room


Great food, great choice, staff are friendly, the atmosphere is modern and relaxed

My favourite restaurant of all time! – Shelley Foster

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